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We appraise arts, antiques and complete homes in connection with

  • estate inventory
  • division of property
  • gifts
  • insurance matters
  • selling
  • distribution of estates

We work independently of insurance companies and auction houses. Hence we give absolutely impartial appraisals.

We document, photograph and appraise everything from individual objects to complete entire homes in connection with insurance matters in both in Sweden and abroad.
Our clients include private individuals, insurance companies, corporations and lawyers.

Advice services
We appraise and advise in matters relating to estate inventory, distribution of estates, selling and insurance matters.

In agreement with clients, we place objects for sale via the leading auction houses, directly to individuals or to corporations to achieve the most favourable selling result.
We acquire high quality objects of art and antiques upon demand.

We costomizie courses in the arts, antiques and cultural at the request of interested groups and corporations.

Interior decoration
We work closely with our clients on interior decoration assignments in private residences to enhance and personalize the atmosphere. When working with interior decoration assignments for corporation and organisations our work aims at convey and enhance the corporate image.